you write articles for your website, but they do not appear in the search engines or be in the top positions.

The fact that the articles of your blog appear in the search engines of Google is key if you want to generate a flow over the internet.

Do not you think that when you do advertising you can create an attractive content that will attract readers and traffic over time?

Clients and opportunities are given at this precise moment.

or it is optimized in SEO but it does not make customers fall in love nor does it hook the ideal client. something that happens even with seo enthusiasts.

The key is to do seo copywriting and it is better to combine the two disciplines into one.

We are going to show you 7 keys to apply the seo copywriting in the content.

besides being attractive for customers, this in google and in the first places.

study the keyword
It is very important that you study the keyword. the important thing is to look for the keywords that the ideal client searches on the internet.

when the important thing is to look for the copywriting seo the study of the words is a priority. Do not do anything if you do not know.

Do not forget that you appear for words that do not interest you, you will receive a “dirty” SEO traffic. This part is very important.

If you like this, we are a copywriting agency and we look for digital transormation in your company. and we were going to say finally is to give you the chance to enjoy an ebook about copywriting and storytelling.

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Resultado de imagen para copywriting seo
Resultado de imagen para copywriting seo


claves para enamorar a tus clientes con tu seo en 2018

escribes articulos para tu sitio web, pero no aparecen en los buscadores o estar en los primeros puestos. 

el hecho que los articulos de tu blog aparezca en los buscadores de google es clave si quiere generar un flujo por internet. 

no crees que cuando vas haciendo publicidad puedes crear un contenido atractivo que atraera lectores y trafico en el tiempo? 

clientes y oportunidades se dan en este preciso instante. 

o esta optimizado en seo pero no enamora a los clientes ni tampoco engancha al cliente ideal. algo que ocurre hasta con los apasionados del seo.

la clave esta en hacer copywriting seo y es mejor combinar las dos disciplinas en una sola.

atendiendo a una demanda vamos a mostrarle 7 claves para aplicar el copywriting seo en el contenido.

ademas de ser atractivo para los clientes, este en google y en los primeros lugares.

  1.  estudia la palabra clave 

es importantisimo que estudies la palabra clave. lo importante es buscar las palabras clave que el cliente ideal se busca en internet. 

cuando lo importante es buscar el copywriting seo el estudio de las palabras es prioritario. no hagas nada si no lo sabes. 

no olvides que apareces por palabras que no interesan recibiras un trafico seo “sucio”. esta parte es muy importante. 

si les gusta esto, nosotros somos una agencia de copywriting y buscamos la transormacion digital en tu empresa. y les ibamos a decir por ultimo es darle la posibilidad de disfrutar de un ebook acerca de copywriting y storytelling. 

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Resultado de imagen para copywriting seo

Resultado de imagen para copywriting seo


Hi all. Today we will talk about entrepreneurship and positive mental attitude.


Positive attitude is a personal decision. It is our choice. Believing in ourselves is the best step to have our best version and put it at the service of our projects. You happen to be victims and be part of the solution of our problems.

Circumstances are what they are. it does not depend on us. However, maintaining a positive opinion helps us to better perceive the opportunities that they offer us, it is so that the projects grow and we with them.

many business projects have been ruined, or external threats, or competition strategies. They have failed because of their personal attitude and especially the negative attitude of the leaders.

let’s be positive, develop the habit of thinking and speaking positively. keep the mind occupied because an idle mind becomes negative. the positive attitude is contagious.

Your project deserves the positive.

el emprendimiento y la actitud mental positiva

hola a todos. hoy hablaremos acerca del emprendimiento y la actitud mental positiva.


la actitud positiva es una decision personal. es nuestra eleccion. creer en nosotros mismos es el mejor paso para tener nuestra mejor version y ponerla al servicio de nuestros proyectos. pasas de ser victimas y ser parte de la solucion de nuestros problemas.

las circustancias son lo que son. no depende de nosotros. sin embargo, mantener una opinion positiva, nos ayuda a percibir mejor las oportunidades que nos brindan, es para que los proyectos crezcan y nosotros con ellos.

muchos proyectos empresariales se han ido al traste, o por amenazas externas, ni por las estrategias de la competencia. han fracasado por su actitud personal y sobre todo la actitud negativa de los lideres.

seamos positivos, desarrollar el habito de pensar y hablar en positivo. mantengamos la mente ocupada pues una mente ociosa se convierte en negativa. la actitud positiva se contagia.

tu proyecto se merece lo positivo.


the growth and internationalization and the reduction of talent in technologies are some of the challenges.

La economía digital se está convirtiendo en motor de crecimiento económico y de generación de empleos, clave para los países en vías de desarrollo.

In 30 years, the world has accelerated the digitization process by leaps and bounds, in Colombia it must follow the path towards a digital economy. The ICT Ministry says it supports the growth and internationalization of the digital industry, reduce IT talent and promote e-commerce. Now we have the best bases in Latin America for the economy to digitalize.

in e-commerce they are working to grow digital commerce, but there is a need for analytics and ways to analyze e-commerce. According to the Colombian consumer, those who buy digitally seek more experiences than consume products and the use of applications with transportation services, food domicile and transit service becomes necessary.

others are like software and others. So we are moving forward.

If you are also interested in the management of social networks, we will help you with this possibility of growing your digital brand.

Here we show you a digital economy video.


colombia se dirige hacia una economia digital


el crecimiento e internacionalizacion y la reduccion del talento en tecnologias son algunos de los retos.

La economía digital se está convirtiendo en motor de crecimiento económico y de generación de empleos, clave para los países en vías de desarrollo.

en 30 años, el mundo acelero el proceso de digitalizacion a pasos agigantados, en colombia debe seguir la senda hacia una economia digital. el ministerio de las tic dice que apoya el crecimiento e internacionalizacion de la industria digital, reducir el talento ti y promocion de comercio electronico. ahora tenemos las mejores bases en america latina para que la economia se digitalize.

en el comercio electronico estan trabajando para crecer el comercio digital pero hace falta analiticas y formas de analizar el comercio electronico. segun el consumidor colombiano el que compra digitalmente busca mas experiencias que consumir productos y se hacen necesarios el uso de aplicaciones con servicios de transporte, domicilio de alimentos y servicio de transito.

otros son como el software y otros. asi que vamos avanzando.

si les interesa tambien el manejo de las redes sociales, nosotros les ayudaremos con esta posibilidad de crecer su marca digital.

aqui le mostramos un video de economia digital.



Amazon is the largest trade in the world. the company is giving work to half a million employees.

Amazon is the best source that live for millions of individuals who earn money with amazon. There are many ways in which you can earn Amazon money, beyond the location.

Earn money with 7 jobs online from Amazon from home

Amazon depends on independent professionals, artisans, writers, bloggers, YouTube users and others to help you in your colossal business. Here are some excellent ways you can use to win in this mega-online store.

Amazon affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process through which you promote specific Amazon products through your Facebook page, website, blog or any other method. To earn money as an Amazon affiliate, you must register with the company.

Currently, Amazon offers affiliate program in 11 countries. Depending on the audience of your website or blog, you can register as an Amazon Affiliate for one or more countries. All you need to do is promote specific products sold by Amazon through your blog, FB page, email marketing or other methods.

Each time a visitor clicks on the link and makes a purchase through their website, Amazon offers commissions that range from 4 to 12 percent of the sale value.

Do you want to have your affiliate marketing discount for your company? Follow this affiliate code.

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Amazon mTurk

Amazon operates a program called Amazon Mechanical Turk. It allows companies to access manpower upon request to perform tasks that require human intelligence.

There are several tasks that require the human brain and its abilities and can not be performed by Artificial Intelligence or computers. Members enrolled in Amazon MTurk perform a variety of tasks for companies associated with Amazon.

These may include data entry for the detection of erroneous or duplicate images and product information, uploading videos or other promotional material on social networks and sharing platforms to eliminate outdated publications.

Amazon MTurk members also help in transcribing audio data and analyzing data. “MTurk allows developers to create applications that were not possible before,” says the company’s website.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon offers excellent opportunities for writers, poets, commentators, industry experts and other professionals to publish their work. At the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing facility, you can write a book and publish it online in less than five minutes.

Your book will go online for sale on Amazon’s global network within 24 to 48 hours, depending on your location.

Some of the popular categories of books that you can publish using Amazon KDP include comics, fiction, nonfiction, technique, education, literature, romance, science fiction, fantasy, teenagers, and young adults.

The best part is that you can also set the price of your book. Each book sold gets the money that Amazon pays in your PayPal or bank account.